Block distracting apps & websites on all devices.

Create timed filters that help you stay focused and spend your time wisely on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Why you’ll love Ochi.

Ochi was built for people that want to quickly block distracting apps & websites, at the press of a button.

Control access to Apps & Websites

Apply Block or Allow filters for groups of iOS apps, Mac apps, and websites.

Filter Website Categories

Prevent access to groups of websites, including Social Media, Chat, and News.

Schedule Recurring Filters

No more late night Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube on weeknights!

Apply Multiple Filters

Simultaneously run Timed and Untimed filters configured with different rules.

Suspend Filtering

Limit how often filters can be temporarily suspended.

Filter Automations (Mac)

Assign shortcuts to filters that turn on Focus and filters on other devices.

Lock & Hide Filter Details

Keep filter details private, and prevent editing with Biometric authentication.

Dashboard Stats

Observe how many distracting apps & websites you've avoided each day.

Set up filters for Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Configure filters that help you manage distractions during the day, and when it's time to go to bed.

All of the Platform Features.

Take advantage of Ochi’s deep integration with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey.

Siri Shortcuts

Integrate Ochi into your workflow with Shortcuts. Control filtering with Siri.

iCloud Syncing

All filters and filtering statistics are synced between iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Themeable Widgets

Add adjustable filter start & status widgets to your homescreen.

App Icons

Icons that match your wallpaper. Light, Dark, and colored variants.

Privacy Focused

All user data is securely stored and managed via iCloud, with filters exclusively run on-device.

More Goodies

Split View, Slide Over, Keyboard Shortcuts, Menu Bar app, Shortcuts for Mac, and more.